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Final Sale - Broncos | Custom Beaded Purse Strap

Final Sale - Broncos | Custom Beaded Purse Strap

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Broncos | Custom Beaded Purse Strap

Perfect for a Zachary Bronco!
*Please note, these are hand-beaded straps. There may be slight variations in design and color per strap.*
*Purse is sold separately*
*Approximate length is 45" *

DISCLAIMER ** These purse straps are NOT meant to carry heavy, full size purses. They are weight limited to a small carry purse, such as a clear game day size/style purse. They are handmade, hand beaded and hand stitched. Excessive weight in the purse it is used on will absolutely cause damage or breakage to the strap. Damage that was obviously caused by an unsuitable bag will not be considered for exchange, refund or replacement. No damaged goods will be accepted after 15 days after receipt. We offer appropriate bags in our store as well.**
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